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Fishing in Alaska

In addition to the animals you'll see on land, Alaska is home to hundreds of species of fish. Fishing is a very popular activity in this state, and because it is fairly easy to get a license, travelers can also enjoy it. If you're traveling by RV or Motorhome, fishing is especially easy because you can carry all of your equipment with you as you move from river to river looking for that one that got away. Here are some of the species you can see and catch in Alaska:

There are a number of licenses available for nonresidents who are traveling through Alaska and wish to fish. You can even get just a 1-day sport fishing license for only $20! You can also purchase a 3-, 7-, or 14-day licenses for $35, $55, or $80, respectively. Or, if you plan to stay in Alaska for the entire summer, you can purchase an annual sport fishing license for $145. Get a hold of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for more information.

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