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The Alaska Highway and Other Alaskan Roads

Unofficially part of the Pan-American highway, the Alaska Highway is one of the most popular roads on which to travel if your going to RV through Alaska. This highway actually starts in British Columbia, and ends in Delta Junction.

The Alaska Highways isn't the only beautiful road to travel in Alaska. In fact, a great number of Alaska 's roads are award winning due to the excellent condition in which they are kept. Although the winter months wreak havoc on these roads (especially in the north), they are continually repaired and maintained to give travelers the best experience possible. Check out the follow highways for your Alaskan travel:

Don't forget to check road conditions before you leave. While you will probably not experience bad weather if you travel during the late spring, summer, and early fall, it is important to check on construction. It is better to know ahead of time rather than to be traveling and get stuck in traffic due to construction. If you're prepared, you can plan an alternative route.

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