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Alaska is a gorgeous place to drive through with hundreds of miles of highway rolling through beautiful, isolated wilderness. But you may need to look into Alaska RV rentals in order hit those roads. With fuel prices as high as they are, renting an RV in Alaska may be a better option than driving all the way up in your own.

Most people who rent RVs in Alaska do so in Anchorage. There are two very simple reasons for this. The first reason is that flights to Anchorage are the cheapest out of any destination in Alaska and so most people start their Alaskan trip in that city. The second reason is that Anchorage has, by far, the largest number of RVs to rent. While you can find rental RVs in Fairbanks, you are generally going to get a better deal, and a better RV, in Anchorage.

You can find all kinds of motor homes to rent, both Class A and Class C with lengths from 24' to 32'. The rental price will vary considerable between companies, as will the amount of amenities they provide. Do some research and find out which companies also provide things like airport pickup, linens, cooking equipment, towels, dishes, lawn chairs, toiletries, BBQ, or TVs. If you need any or all of those things, having them added as extras could quickly become extremely expensive if they are not already included in the price.

A deposit at time of booking is almost always required. This can be anywhere from $300 to $500, and there will always be conditions on how much, (if any), of the deposit is refundable. Odds are you are going to need to book your rental at least 30 days in advance, and at least six months in advance if you want your RV for the high summer season of July and August.

Alaska RV rental rates seem to range anywhere from $70 per day plus mileage to almost $300 per day if you get unlimited mileage. The rate varies on the size of RV you rent, the time of year you rent for, the amount of amenities included, and the amount of mileage included in the rental. The best advice is to be very clear in your own mind exactly what you are looking for. There are enough RV rental companies in Alaska that you will be able to find the package you want without having to pay for any extras you don't need.

Mileage can be from 15 to 45 cents per mile or there may be a flat rate, anywhere between $30 and $100 per day. Use a mapping site like Google Maps to plan out our trip itinerary. With a good estimate of the mileage you plan to drive, you can decide whether flat rate or per mile is better for you. You also need to be aware that many RV rental agencies do not allow pets and every single company requires a minimum rental period of three to seven days.

Like any rental, you need to bring the RV back in the condition you started with it. That means having the gas tank full, the gray and black water tanks empty and the RV cleaned. Most places will charge anywhere from $100 -$200 for each of these things that has not been seen to. So spend a little time at the end of your trip to save yourself a whole lot of cash and clean up your RV. That being said, there are companies such as Great Alaskan Holidays that include cleaning and tank dumping in their rates, so you need to check.

The site has a small list of the main RV rental companies in Anchorage. Don't be afraid to do some searching on your own, however. There are smaller RV rental companies in Anchorage as well, and one of them may have the package you are looking for. If possible talk to some others who have rented RVs in Alaska for their suggestions and experience.

As always, your best bet is to do some research, understand everything you can about Alaska RV rentals before going north, and book far enough in advance that you will be able to get what you want. Then it is simply a matter of hitting that highway and enjoying the grandeur of Alaska's nature up close.

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