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Alaska's Wildlife

No matter where in Alaska you plan to travel via your RV, one thing is for sure - you'll be able to see breath-taking views of the natural environment, complete with some of the world's most fascinating animals. Traveling by RV gives you the opportunity to actually get out and see many of these creatures up close, which is something you won't find with other kinds of transportation. Bird-watching and hunting for big game are both popular in this state. Here is a guide to the animals you could see as you travel the roads of Alaska:


Boreal Owl: This majestic bird is about 9 inches long with a wingspan of just under two feet. It is a nocturnal bird, so is quite rare, but if you explore Alaska at night, you may spot one.

Bald Eagle: Some people specifically come to Alaska to see the Bald Eagle, and it is no wonder why. This bird has a snowy white head and a wingspan of up to an incredible 7.5 feet! If you're traveling in the Chilkat Valley in southern Alaska, you'll have a great chance at seeing a bald eagle.

Puffins: Alaska is home to two different Puffin species - the Horned Puffine and the Tufted Puffin. You can spot a Puffin by their huge, brightly-colored bill. Other birds native to Alaska include Loons, Harlequin Ducks, Swans, Sandhill Cranes, Geese, and Woodpeckers.

Water Mammals:

Humpback Whale: One of the most amazing sites in all of Alaska is that of a Humpback Whale jumping through the water. Many cities close to the sea offer cruises to watch these huge creatures.

Seals: There are a number of different seal species in Alaska. Some of the most popular include the Bearded Seal, the Ribbon Seal, and the Spotted Seal.

Walrus: There are both Pacific and Atlantic walruses in Alaska, with the Atlantic variety being more common. The best places to see these animals are in Bristol Bay from March to October and on St. Lawrence Island in the fall.

Other sea mammals include the Orca, Sea Otter, and Steller Sea Lion, as well as a number of other whale varieties.

Big Game and other Furbearers:

Polar Bears: Although they only live in the northern parts of the state, the polar bear is one of Alaska's most interesting creatures. They're bigger than most imagine and can be fun to watch (at a distance of course) with cubs.

Caribou and Moose: There is no shortage of large game animals in Alaska, least of which is definitely no the antlered creatures of the area. Caribous and moose are both quiet common.

Wolves and Coyotes: Related to domesticated dogs, wolves and coyotes both roam the state. There are about four species of wolf and one species of coyote living in Alaska.

Other big game and forbearing animals include Bats, Arctic Foxes, Flying Squirrels, Weasels, Minks, Porcupines, American Bison, Black Bears, Brown Bears, Reindeer, and Mountain Goats.

Get a hold of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for more information.

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