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Alaskan Climate

Alaska isn't that winter wonderland that people stereotypically imagine when they think of this great northern state - at least, most of it isn't, during most of the year. If you're planning a trip to Alaska, it is important to find out about the climate. Pack smart!

Summertime is the best time to visit Alaska. Although you may still enjoy the state in the spring and fall, the weather during an Alaskan summer is hard to beat. During the day, temperatures range from low 60s to around 85. Nights are cooler, but very rarely dip into the 30s. Winters in Alaska are much harsher, but this state is far from the snowy blizzard-ridden land that most people image.

The Far North region is one of the coldest in the state. Many RV travelers prefer to not travel to this region or to simply explore it minimally, below the artic circle. You'll need a jacket in this area during the summer, although you should not need a winter coat. You may, however, want to bring a hat and gloves, especially for after the sun goes down.

South of the Far North, you'll find the Interior region of Alaska. Here, the weather is much warmer, and you may be fine in short-sleeved shirts and maybe even shorts. During the summer, you'll rarely need a jacket. The same is true of the Southwest region, although it is a bit chillier along the coast. The South Central region, however, is warmer still during the summer. Lastly, the region known as the Inside Passage has temperatures close to those of the Southwest region. You'll occasionally need a jacket, but the summer months are quite warm.

The best way to pack for your Alaska adventure is to carefully plan the dates and area of travel and then check out local weather information online. Dressing in layers is recommended, and remember - it doesn't snow year-round in Alaska. You may need a jacket, but you can probably leave your winter coat behind.

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