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If this is your first trip to Alaska or you feel a bit leery about adventuring out on your own, don't worry - you can join one of the many Alaska caravan tours that take place every summer. These tours are cost-effective and give you the chance to enjoy Alaska without having to do extensive planning on your own. Joining a caravan is fun, easy, and safe. And hey - if you run out of money search for Alaska tourism industry jobs using our updated employment board. Become a campground host or tour guide during the summer months.

Officially a "caravan" can be just two RVs that travel together. In fact, if you have friends also interested in RVing in Alaska, you can put together your own miniature caravan. If you join a planned caravan through a company, however, you'll probably have at least ten RVs joining you, and some caravan companies have 20 or more RVs that join the tour.

There are a number of advantages of joining a caravan tour, especially if you're new to driving an RV. Not only are your activities and route planned out, but you also have experienced mechanics and EMTs traveling with the group. That way, if there is a problem, fixing it is easy.

In addition, caravan tour owners have been guiding tourists, in most cases, for years or even decades. Many of them live in Alaska year-round. On your own, you're confined to the interesting things to do in Alaska guidebooks. While that may be fine, tour guides who are experienced in living and working in Alaska know all the special places to go. So if you want to see the most brilliant sunsets and the most breath-taking lookouts, sign up for a caravan tour.

The real downside of a caravan tour is the expense. You will pay a bit more to join a caravan than you would to travel alone, but the price is minimal compared to the benefits. Many touring companies have very affordable options, and some even allow you to decide how long you want to stay with the tour and which activities you want to do. With some budgeting, caravan tours can be very affordable.

There are quite a few caravan tours in Alaska. Some of the most popular include:


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