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Visiting Denali National Park

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Visitors of the Denali National Park and Preserve usually have on goal in mind: to see the famous Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America. Yet the 4 million acres of land contain so much more than "the Big One" and can offer up to several weeks of entertainment to travelers who enjoy the outdoors. The changing terrains include glaciers, tundra and snow at its varying elevations, giving it one of the most diverse climates in Alaska.

This diversity in climate also makes for great wildlife sighting. The elusive grizzly bears call Denali their home, and are only one of 37 species inhabiting the tundra and taiga. Other animals include caribou, moose, lynx, and Dall sheep. For a quick visit in the summer months, you need look no further than the hiking trails in the entrance area (or frontcountry) like the Rock Creek and Mount Healy Overlook to find paths into the taiga, which allowing you to see forest-dwelling creatures. If you have more than a day, exploring further into the park on a ranger-guided Discovery Hike or walk, gaining and insider's perspective on the preserve's wildlife.

Dog-sled demonstrations are also available at the Denali Visitor Center, which has vehicle access. You can take your curiosity a step further by commissioning a sled to go "mushing" through the park, as longs as you visit in the winter months.

At 30,320 feet, Mount McKinley will most certainly be the most awe-inspiring moment of your trip to Denali, and your trip to Alaska (possibly second to the Northern Lights, also visible from Denali in the winter). One of the most dangerous climbs in the world, only skilled mountaineers should attempt to climb the mountain. It is also very important to visit the visitor's center to pick up a guide, which lists the most appropriate walking, cross country skiing and hiking trails in the park. Some trails are open year-round, while others close for winter and summer. The guide will also give you tips on how to react if wildlife approaches, and how to view them without disturbing their habitat. This is especially important with moose and grizzlies, which grow protective of some of the backcountry trails.

Those who want to experience nature without hiking into the backcountry can take advantage of the many informational and educational programs conducted by the park rangers. The preserve also maintains a Cultural Resources Program, documenting the special history of the people and wildlife that have lived on the park's grounds for the past 12,000 years. You can view a number of historic spots including archaeological sites museum artifacts and structures maintained by the National Park Service.

Denali contains one campground that accepts RVs (Riley Creek) so reservations are recommended if you plan to camp on the preserve, especially in the summer.

Annual Precipitation: 14.98 inches rain / 83 inches snowfall
Average July Temperature: 66° high / 43° low


U.S. National Parks Service
Address: PO Box 9, Denali Park 99755
Phone: (907) 683-2294


The Alpenglow


Denali Bluffs Hotel
Address: Mile 238.3 Parks Hwy. Denali Fairbanks 99707
(907) 683-7000

Grande Denali Lodge (business office)
Address: 241 W Ship Creek Ave. Anchorage 99501
(907) 264-4600

McKinley Village Lodge
Address: Milepost 231, George Parks Hwy., Denali 99755
(406) 862-8190

Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge
Address: Mile 238.5 George Parks Hwy., Denali 99755
(907) 683-2282

McKinley Creekside Cabins
Address: Mile 224 George Parks Hwy., Denali 99755
(907) 683-2277

Denali Park Hotel
Address: Mile Post 1.5 Denali Park Rd., Denali 99755
(907) 683-1800

McKinley Chalet Resort
Address: Mile Post 238 George Parks Hwy., Denali 99755
Phone: (
406) 862-8190

Denali RV Park & Motel
Address: Mile 245.1 George Parks Hwy., Denali 99743
(907) 683-1500

Denali Backcountry Lodge
Address: 1301 Parks Hwy. #5, Wasilla 99654
(907) 376-1992


Riley Creek Campground (Mile 0.4 Denali Park Rd.)

Savage River Campground (Mile 13 Denali Park Rd.)

Teklanika Campground (Mile 29 Denali Park Rd.)

Sanctuary Campground (Mile 23 Denali Park Rd.)

Wonder Lake Campground (Mile 85 Denali Park Rd.)

Igloo Campground (Mile 35 Denali Park Rd.)

Denali Grizzly Bear Cabins & Campground
Address: Mile 231.1 Parks Hwy. Denali 99712
Phone: (907) 683-2696 / (866) 583-2696

McKinley RV & Campground
Address: Mile 248.4 Parks Hwy., Denali
Phone: (907) 683-2379 / (800) 478-2562

Denali Riverside RV Park
Address: Mile 240 Parks Hwy., Denali
Phone: (907) 388-1748 / (866) 583-2696

Denali Rainbow Village & RV Park
Address: Mile 238.6 Parks Hwy., Denali
Phone: (907) 683-7777


229 Parks Restaurant & Tavern
Phone: (907) 683-2567
Address: Mile 229.7 Parks Hwy., Denali 99755

McKinley Creekside Cafe
Address: Mile 224 George Parks Hwy., Denali 99755
Phone: (907) 683-2277

The Perch Restaurant, Bar and Cabins
Address: HC2 Box 1525, Denali 99743
Phone: (907) 683-2523

Bubba's Baja
Address: Mile 238.6 Parks Hwy., Denali 99755
Phone: (907) 683-7827

Denali Park Salmon Bake Restaurant
Address: Mile 238.5 Parks Hwy., Denali 99755
Phone: (907) 683-2733

The Summit Restaurant
Phone: (907) 683-2282

Panorama Pizza
Address: Mile 224 Parks Hwy., Denali 99755
Phone: (907) 683-2523

Black Diamond Grill
Address: Mile 247 George Parks Hwy., Denali 99755
Phone: (907) 683-4653

Lynx Creek Pub
Address: Mile 238.6 Parks Hwy. Denali 99743
Phone: (907) 683-2547

Black Bear Coffee House
Address: Mile 238.5 Parks Hwy. Denali 99755
Phone: (907) 683-1656

Denali Roadhouse Restaurant
Phone: (800) 230-7275
Address: Mile 231.1 Oarks Hwy. Denali

The Great Alaska Fish & Chip Company
Address: Mile 238.9 Parks Hwy., Denali
Phone: (907) 683-3474

Overlook Bar & Grill
Address: Crow's Nest Rd., Denali
Phone: (907) 683-2641

QUICK DENALI FACT - Mount McKinley is actually higher than Mount Everest, when measure from base to summit; because Mount Everest sits on a higher plateau, it's elevation from sea level is 9,000 feet higher than Mount McKinley's.


Denali Visitor Center
Address: Mile 1.5 Park Rd. Denali 99755
(907) 683-9532

Eielson Visitor Center
Address: Mile 66 Park Rd. Denali 99755

Wonder Lake
Address: Mile 86 Park Rd. Denali 99755


Denali Park Tours
Options: Bus, Fixed Wing, Helicopter, Dog Sled, and Rafting


Closest airports are:

Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage

Fairbanks International Airport


Canyon Health Clinic Urgent Care Center
Address: At the Park Entrance (Seasonal facility)
Phone: 907-683-4433

Community Interior Health Center
Phone: 907-683-2211

Tri-Valley Community Center
Address: Usibelli Spur Rd. PO Box 246 Healy 99743


Located 125 miles south of Fairbanks and 250 miles north of Anchorage, Denali National Park and Preserve is located along Alaska Highway 3, or the George Parks Highway. It will cost you $20.00 for your vehicle and $10.00 per person to enter the park, but that fee gives you seven days of access.

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