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Visiting Haines, Alaska

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Alaska's Inside Passage boasts many historical cities and towns, with few offering quite as many attractions as Haines. Eighty miles north of Juneau, Skagway's neighbor to the west has a population of 2,400 and is a popular attraction for hikers, campers and art lovers alike.

Perhaps Haines' most impressive attraction is the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, home to the largest population of bald eagles in the country. Reaching almost 3500 eagles in the peak fall months, the preserves year-round population remains steady at 300. Haines is the perfect place for all kinds of wildlife. In addition to the bald eagle population, the town is surrounded by moose, bear, otter and orca all in their natural habitats.

For those with an interest in history there are plenty of options to choose from in Haines, most notably Fort William H. Seward. The historic fort has distinctive white buildings, marking the grounds of Alaska's first army post. The modern-day grounds now provide artists with galleries to show their work, such as the traditional art of the native Tlingit people, which is also featured at the nearby Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center. If you are lucky enough to visit Haines in the summer months, you'll be able to see live totem pole carving on the Fort Seward grounds. The fort became a National Historic Landmark in 1978.

One of the main features of the Tlingit exhibits at the Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center are the exhibits on the traditional weaving of the Chilkat blankets. These blankets were of great importance to the Tlingit, representing wealth and status in the Tlingit community. Very few weavers of these blankets exist anywhere in Alaska, with most of them keeping residence in Haines.

Haines plays hosts of another interesting museum, The Hammer Museum. As the name suggests, the history of man's first tool is on display at The Hammer Museum, which takes visitors on a trip through the hammer's place in our history. The more than 1500 hammers at the museum go all the way back to Roman times. Located on Main Street, the museum is relatively inexpensive at $3.00, and open from Monday through Friday.

Population: 1,811 (2000 census)
Annual Precipitation: 47.63 inches
Average July Temperature: 66° F high / 51° F low; 1.36 inches precipitation


Haines Chamber of Commerce
Address: PO Box 1449, Haines
Phone: (907) 766-2202

Haines Convention & Visitors Bureau
Address: 122 2nd Ave S., Haines
Phone: (907) 766-2234


Chilkat Valley News
Address: PO Box 630, Haines
Phone: (907) 766-2688


Hotel Halsingland
Address: Fort Seward, Haines
Phone: (907) 766-2000 / (800) 542-6363

The Alaska Guardhouse
Address: 15 Seward Dr. Fort Seward, Haines
(907) 766-2566 / (866) 290-7445

Captain's Choice Motel
Address: 108 2nd Ave N., Haines
(907) 766-3111 / (800) 478-2345

Fort Seward Bed & Breakfast
Address: 1 Fort Seward Dr., Haines
(907) 766-2856 / (800) 615-6676

The Summer Inn Bed & Breakfast
Address: 117 2nd Ave., Haines
Phone: (907) 766-2970


Haines Hitch Up RV Park
Address: 851 Main St. Haines 99827
Phone: (907) 766-2335

Salmon Run RV Campground
Phone: (907) 766-3240


Bamboo Room
Address: 2nd Ave. near Main St., Haines
Phone: (907) 766-2800

Address: Soap Suds Alley in Fort Seward, Haines
(907) 766-2320

Mountain Market
Address: 3rd Ave. and Haines Hwy., Haines
(907) 766-3340

Fireweed Restaurant
Address: Historic Bld. #37, Blacksmith Rd., Haines
Phone: (907) 766-3838

The Lighthouse
Address: Main & Front Streets, Haines
(907) 766-2442


Alaska Indian Arts
Address: Fort Seward, Haines
Phone: (907) 766-2160

Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center
Address: 11 Main St., Haines
Phone: (907) 766-2366

Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve
Address: Mile 19-21 of the Haines Hwy.
Phone: (907) 766-2292

American Bald Eagle Foundation Natural History Museum
Address: 2nd Ave. and Haines Hwy., Haines
Phone: (907) 766-3094

Fort William H Seward National Historic Landmark
Contact the Haines Convention & Visitors Bureau for information.

QUICK HAINES FACT - Haines overlooks the scenic Lynn Canal, the longest fjord in Alaska at 90 miles, and the deepest fjord in the world at 2,000 feet deep.


Haines Borough Library
Address: 111 3rd Ave S., Haines


Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game - Haines
Phone: (907) 766-2625
Address: Mile 1 Haines Hwy., Box 330, Haines 99827
Website: Click Here


Captain's Choice Motel Car Rentals
Phone: (907) 766-3111 / (800) 478-2345
Address: PO Box 392, Haines 99827

Eagle's Nest Car Rentals
Phone: (907) 766-2891
Address: PO Box 250, Haines 99827

Alaska Marine Highway
Address: PO Box 791, Haines 99827
(907) 766-2111


Haines Airport
Address: 728 Main St., Haines
(907) 766-2340


Lynn Canal Medical Clinic
Phone: (907) 766-2521
Address: 131 1st Ave. S., Haines


Haines, Alaska boasts some of the most spectacular driving roads in the country, allowing exploration of the area from the comfort of your RV. The Haines - Haines Junction driving loop gives you access to breathtaking landscapes of snow-capped mountains and wildlife. The proximity to this highway and the Alaska Marine Highway system of ferries make Haines highly accessible in the non-winter months. You can stay in your motor home and continue on to the Davidson Glacier, the breathtaking glacier where guides can take you on tour via canoe.

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