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Interior Alaska Special Events

Interior Alaska is never a boring place to visit, with special events happening in all towns and cities throughout the year. Summertime, when most RV travelers choose to tour the region, is an especially busy time in a city like Fairbanks. As with many cities in Alaska, around June 21, you can help the residents celebrate with the Midnight Sun Festival. This festival lasts all night long, celebrating the day with the longest direct sunlight, usually around 22 hours.

In addition, Fairbanks is also host to the Summer Music Festival in the middle of June, the Summer Arts Festival and Golden Days in mid-July, and a number of other smaller celebrations. If you're in the areas during other times of the year, you may also wish to stop by Fairbanks for the Yukon Quest and the Iron Dog snowmobile race in early February, the World Ice Art Championship in mid-March, and the Top of the World Classic Basketball Tournament in mid-November.

Near Fairbanks is the city of North Pole. Every year, thousands of letters come through this city so that letters are postmarked "North Pole". Of course, around Christmas, the city also hosts a number of events such as Christmas in Ice during almost the whole month of December. This huge ice sculpture competition features dozens of local and international artists creating masterpieces from pure ice.

Another popular event in the Interior region is the Nanana Ice Classic. This event is a lottery surrounding the break up of ice on the Tanana River. In 2007, the ice broke up on April 27, 2007 at 3:47 PM with a jackpot of $303,272. If you are touring the area during this time, you can put in your ticket for the jackpot!

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