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Items You'll Need for the RV or Motorhome

Living in an RV or Motorhome - even for just a week - is a very different situation as compared to vacationing in hotels or even hopping from campsite to campsite. If this is your first vacation via RV, take a moment to really think about what you need for RV travel itself. Beyond your own personal items, remember to pack the following things:

Some of these items you'll want to bring from home, while others may be included with the RV already. It depends on your RV or Motorhome company. Before you leave for the open road, take some time to stock up by going shopping. You'll want to get everything on your list and any items you've forgotten at home.

In addition, you'll want to stock up on food, since you will not always find restaurants or supermarkets if you go into the wilderness. Choose a variety of foods that you can make in your microwave, as well as foods that do not have to be heated and foods that you can make over a campfire. Drinks are important as well - stock up on bottled water and other drinks that will last throughout your vacation.

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