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What to Leave at Home

We've spent time going over what items you should bring on your Alaskan RV or Motorhome vacation, but perhaps more important are the items you should leave at home. From practicality to personal enjoyment to legal issues, there are many reasons that you should re-examine what you're putting in your bags.

First, consider your travel plans. Sure, you'll be in an RV during most of the trip, but how are you getting to Alaska in the first place. Many families or couples traveling through Alaska by RV choose to fly into a major Alaskan airport instead of renting an RV and driving from home. When, flying, there are certain things that you can and cannot bring. The major restrictions are liquids and items that can be considered weapons. These things cannot be taken in your carry-on bag. Most items are allowed in your checked luggage, but a few items, like those that are flammable, cannot be taken when you fly. For a full list of restrictions, visit your airport's website.

Don't just think about legal restrictions, however. Weight is very important, as heavier bags will cost more to check. Check out what is making your luggage weigh the most. Do you really need these items? Remember, you can buy travel sizes, as well as do shopping once you reach Alaska. In addition, leave highly valuable items at home. Airports are hot spots for thieves.

It is important to talk to your RV or Motorhome rental company to find out what items will be included in the RV. For example, do you need to provide your own cookware or toilet paper? These items may come with the RV or may not. Don't overbuy by assuming that nothing is included.

You may also want to leave some items that will take away from your Alaskan adventure at home. Although you'll need stuff to do while driving the RV from place to place, especially for the children, items like laptops and BlackBerrys should stay at home. Take a cell phone with you in case of an emergency, but keep it turned off so that you aren't distracted by work or others back home. Your family's vacation is about enjoying time together!

Another great idea is to leave electronics and other technological items at home. The point of an Alaska vacation is to enjoy nature, not spend time listening to your mp3 player. Instead, opt for activities like family games and puzzle books.

What you pack for your Alaska adventure is purely up to you, but remember that this is a vacation to enjoy the natural scenery of an amazing place. As you pack, restrict yourself to bringing only the items you need rather than packing up your entire house for the trip.

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