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North Alaska Special Events

The Far North may be one of the coldest, harshest places to visit in the wintertime, but this region is also home to one of the most famous races in the world - the Iditarod. Nome, one of the Far North's few cities, is the ending point for the Iditarod, a grueling dogsled race through Alaska unlike any other adventurer opportunity in the world. The Iditarod begins in the large city of Anchorage the first Saturday in March. When they'll arrive in Nome is up to chance. The record time is in just under 9 days, but this largely depends on weather conditions. However, if you are in Nome about 9 to 12 days after the race begins, you can watch some of the top teams come into town.

In addition, there are a number of other events that occur in Nome every year. If you're in the city later in the summer, around June 21, you can participate in the Midnight Sun Festival, which celebrates 22 hours of direct sunlight. Around the same time, the city also hosts the Nome River Raft Race, as well as the Polar Bear Swim in the Bering Sea. In July, you can join a gold-mining contest called "Poor Man's Paradise", and later in the year, in September, you can check out the hilarious Labor Day Bathtub Race.

Nome isn't the only city in the Far North of Alaska, however. Although this is the largest city and the most popular one to visit, each city and town in the Far North has events that you can check out. To learn which events are happening when, contact the recreational center in each specific town. Nearby to Nome, Kotzebue has a number of city-wide events for travelers and residents, as do Pruhoe Bay, Fort Yukon, and all other locations in this region.

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