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RV or Motorhome Problems and Emergencies

RVs and Motorhomes are fun, but can be dangerous. If your RV expedition is your first time driving an RV anywhere, you'll learn quickly that driving a larger vehicle like that is not the same as driving a car or even a larger SUV or truck. It takes practice and care, and when you are RVing, make sure that safety always comes first.

On the road, you never know what may happen. Not only do you have to be a vigilant driver, but you also need to learn some safety tips so that if an emergency does arise, you know what to do. Panicking in a vehicle that large is deadly to anyone riding in it and to others on the road.

First, and most importantly, always remain in control when possible. If you've never driven an RV or Motorhome before, take some time to practice in the driveway and on smaller roads before hitting the highway. Avoid dangerous situations by keeping the tires inflated properly, braking slowly from a farther away distance, wearing your seatbelt whenever possible, and keeping the RV at an appropriate speed.

There are certain things you should carry in your RV at all times to ensure that you and your family stay safe. One of the most important of these items is a fire extinguisher. Because you'll be carrying a number of flammable and potentially explosive substances, a fire extinguisher can help to save your life and the RV.

The other item that you must carry is a cell phone. Yes, this is your vacation and you should go on it without worrying about staying connected (especially to work), but by having a cell phone on standby, you can call for help should there be an emergency. You may also want to consider radios if you'll be traveling to more remote areas of Alaska. Don't forget the charger!

By far, the best thing you can do to learn how to deal with RV and Motorhome emergencies and other problems is check out your vehicle's manual. Every RV is different, but the manual can tell you how to deal with problems as they arise and who to call if you break down. Alaska is a huge state, and if you aren't prepared, breaking down can be disastrous. Always learn what to do in case of an RV or Motorhome emergency.

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