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Visiting Skagway, Alaska

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Located in the Northern Region of Alaska's coastal Inside Passage, a trip down Skagway's main street might make you feel like you've taken your RV back in time. This gold rush boom-town is more 1890s than modern day, from the historic railroad cars to the restored storefronts.

RV travelers can enjoy a different kind of motoring by taking advantage of the historic White Pass and Yukon Railroad Tours. The railroad is an International Historic Civil Engineering landmark; climbing for 3000 feet and 20 miles, this "railway built of gold" offers day "White Pass Summit Excursion" tours from May through September, taking passengers through tunnels and over gorges in restored passenger cars. "Yukon Adventure" tours are 6 hour, one-way excursions to British Columbia. While this may be one of the more expensive attractions in Skagway, it is well worth it for any traveler with an interest in history. Those traveling with children can purchase tickets for half price for little ones under 12 years old.

The Arctic Brotherhood Hall is hard to miss and an essential stop during any visit to Skagway. Housing the visitors bureau and public restrooms, the AB Hall features a wood covered facade making it one of the most photographed buildings in the country. Built in 1899, the building was originally used by the fraternal Order of the Arctic Brotherhood as a central meeting location to provide citizens with friendship and camaraderie.

In addition to the historical attractions, Skagway offers the more adventurous traveler access to some of the state's most beautiful hiking trails. Journey's to alpine lakes abound along the Skyline and Denver Glacier Trails (part of the Dewey Lake Tail System), which take traveler's to the summit of the AB Mountain and Denver Glacier respectively. Maps of the trails and landmarks can be found at the Visitor's Center on Broadway.The Chinoot Trail is another popular and hiking route, and you can choose from more rigorous hikes and leisurely strolls along the path that many miners took on their way back home. This trail keeps with the historical theme of Skagway, as many items left behind by unsuccessful miners, such as gold pans, picks and wheel barrows, remain along the route as another reminder of Skagway's gold rush roots.

Also outside of town is the Gold Rush Cemetery, just 1.5 miles just a few miles from downtown. A 90 minute drive to the north from Juneau, the best access to Skagway by car is the Klondike Highway, which will take you to Broadway, the town's main thoroughfare. The Skagway Mountainview RV Park on Redmond Avenue is the closest place to park your vehicle to the historic downtown attractions, with many spots within walking distance.

Population: 862 (2000 census)
Annual Precipitation: 26.21 inches
Average July Temperature: 68°F high / 50° low; 1.15 inches precipitation


Skagway Chamber of Commerce
Address: 701 State St., Skagway
Phone: (907) 983-1898

Skagway Convention & Visitors Bureau
Address: PO Box 1029, Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-2854


The Skagway News
Phone: (907) 983-2354
264 Broadway St., Skagway


Skagway Inn Bed & Breakfast
Address: 655 Broadway, Skagway
Phone: (907) 983-2289

Mile Zero Bed & Breakfast
Address: 9th Ave. & Main St., Skagway
Phone: (907) 983-3045

The White House
Address: 8th Ave. & Main St., Skagway
Phone: (907) 983-9000

Sgt. Preston's Lodge
Address: 370 6th Ave., Skagway
Phone: (907) 983-2521

Skagway Home Hostel
Address: 3rd Ave. near Main St., Skagway
Phone: (907) 983-2131

QUICK SKAGWAY FACT - Local beaches have supplied the almost 9,000 pieces of driftwood that cover the front of the Arctic Brotherhood Hall.


Mountainview RV Park
Address: 12th & Broadway, Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-2768

Garden City RV
Address: 15th State St. Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-2378

Skagway Pullen Creek RV Park
(907) 983-2768 / (800) 936-3731

Skagway Home Hostel
Address: 3rd Ave. near Main St. (PO Box 231) Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-2131


Stowaway Cafe
Address: 205 Congress Way Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-3463

Skagway Pizza Station
Address: 444 4th Ave., Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-2200

Glacial Smoothies & Espresso
Address: 336 3rd Ave., Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-3223

Sweet Tooth Cafe
Address: 315 Broadway Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-2405

Skagway Fish Company
Address: 201 Congress Way, Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-3474

Skagway Brewing Company
Address: Broadway between 7th & 8th, Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-2739

Alaska Gourmet Cafe
Address: 361 5th Ave., Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-2448

Bonanza Bar & Grill (Westmark Inn)
Address: 330 Broadway, Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-6214

Chilkoot Dining Room (Westmark Inn)
Address: 242 3rd Ave., Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-6000

Excelsior Cafe
Address: 270 2nd Ave., Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-2908

Northern Lights Pizza
Address: 4th & Broadway, Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-2225


Red Onion Saloon
Address: 205 Broadway, Skagway 99840
Phone: (907) 983-2414


Arctic Brotherhood Hall (Skagway Convention & Visitors Bureau)
Address: PO Box 1029, Skagway
Phone: (907) 983-2854 / (888) 762-1898

Corrington's Museum of Alaskan History
Address: 5th Ave. & Broadway, Skagway
Phone: (907) 983-2579

Golden North Hotel
Address: 3rd Ave. & Broadway, Skagway
Phone: (907) 983-3089

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park
Address: 2nd Ave. & Broadway, Skagway
Phone: (907) 983-2921 / (907) 983-9224

Moore Cabin
Address: 5th Ave. between Spring St. & Broadway, Skagway
Phone: (907) 983-2921

Skagway Museum
Address: 7th Ave. & Spring St., Skagway
Phone: (907) 983-2420


Skagway Public Library
Address: 769 State St., Skagway
(907) 983-2665


Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game - Haines/Skagway
Phone: (907) 766-2625
Address: Mile 1 Haines Hwy.
Website: Click Here


Dyea Dave Shuttle
Phone: (907) 209-5031

SMART (bus system)
Phone: (907) 983-2743

Sockeye Cycle
Address: 381 5th Ave., Skagway
Phone: 907-983-2851


Skagway Airport


Dahl Memorial Clinic / Skagway Medical Service
Address: 310 11th Ave., Skagway
Phone: (907) 983-2255


Almost every element of Skagway pays tribute to the late 19th century gold rush, which saw many towns in the area rapidly increase their populations as fortune seekers tried their luck. For people who love history, Skagway, Alaska is as interesting a town as there is in Alaska.

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