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Southcentral Alaska Special Events

Because Southcentral Alaska is the area in the state with the most residents, this is also the area where you can find the most special events, even during the colder winter months. Don't just limit yourself to a single city, either. Although Anchorage can be quite interesting, there are literally millions of things to see and do during every month of the year in every single Southcentral city.

Near the coast, one of the most popular things to do is go fishing. By getting a license, you too can take part, and there is no better place to join the Alaskan fishing scene than in Valdez. There are even a number of fish derbies in this city every year, including the Silver Salmon Derby in late July, the Women's Derby in August, and the Halibut Derby all summer long!

Nearby, in Soldotna, you can attend one of the biggest sporting shows in the state - the Kenai Peninsula Sports Recreation & Trade Show. This show is held at the Soldotna Sports Center every April, and it features quite a number of vendors, as well as seminars. With an admission price of under $5, you can't go wrong.

If you will be in Anchorage, however, there are literally hundreds of events every year, the most exciting of which is probably the Iditarod. Beginning in March every year, this over-1000-mile race by dogsled has its ceremonial start in Anchorage before the racers have the official restart a bit north of the city. While in Anchorage, you can also take part in the many festivals, concerts, competitions, and other events that take place in the city every summer.

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