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Kodiak Alaska Campgrounds

Plus, Dillingham and King Salmon

Traveling though the Southwest region in your RV? You'll need some great places to stay, and that's not a problem when you consider the easy-to-find RV parks and campgrounds in the Kodiak Alaska region. There are more places that a person can count, but here are some of the best in the region:

If you want a really exciting, unique lodging experience, you could also consider staying the night at the Lake Clark Bear Camp. You can't get to this site by RV - you'll need to park and take a 50-minute flight deep into the wilderness. You'll camp with a guide and only a few other visitors, and, with any luck, get to see some of the country's biggest bears with their cubs while you're visiting. This is a dangerous and exciting lodging option that will give you long-lasting, once-in-a-lifetime memories.

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